quest #1 the people we met

To be honest; two of our three groups weren’t as succesful as hoped for, but everyone had a lot fun, despite the rain and the party compensated what the quest lacked. In case you wondered, why all this is in englisch again: Most of the people we talked to, were from anywhere but germany and it would be a little unfair if we didn’t gave them opportunity to understand what we say about them.

swap037 So we met sunday at around 11h at the entrace to the fleamarket in Mauerpark – of course only a minority was there on time (first lesson for the next quest: either a later start or a different day).

After an half hour on the fleamarket we got our initial items:

Erik, Taty and me opted for some cat/purse/Berlin-leather-thing with a face. The woman selling them, designs them herself, but have them stitched together in india.

Thore and Mandala went for a different strategy and returned with an assortment of trinkets which they thought would give them advantage through choice.

Oliver and Claudia chose a CD with housekeeping songs (sample? here you go)

swap014 swap005

Unfortunately neither of the latter groups had that much success during their swap and only swapped once, although Olli and Claudia had a late start:

The third group however was a little more successful, both in terms of swaps and stories – though I got to admit we kind of “down-valued” with each swap to make it possible:

Thanks everybody for participating and happy swapping


P.S. I will follow up with some party pictures, including the crowned kings and queen, and a post with the lessons we learned in quest #1 which we will apply to the second istallment in late August.

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4 Responses to quest #1 the people we met

  1. carole says:

    Hello !
    I am the French girl who swapped the last objet, the “crappy doll” (third group).
    It was nice to participate to your funny quest ! The bracelets from the dancer is now on my key ring. ^^


    PS: We left Berlin that day in the evening, so don’t feel sorry about the party ;-)

  2. smo says:

    Salu Carol,

    nice to hear from you, but I didn’t say it was crappy, but creepy as in spooky. I am a bit afraid of it, but it sits on my TV now, nonetheless. I hope you liked berlin it was great meeting you.

    a la prochaine
    P.S. Our celebration started early at 4pm, so no problem there

  3. carole says:

    crappy/creepy was just a wordplay for the the missing arm ;-)
    We absolutely enjoyed our stay in Berlin! Such an amazing city !
    A bientôt ^^

  4. smo says:

    Feel free to drop me a line if you ever come back for a visit; I am always happy to show my city,

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